Corporate and Event IDs: Why Two Different Tags Are Needed

Effective corporate employee and event IDs require a little forethought in order to have consistency in how they are used. Companies need to consider these as two separate pieces of identification because their needs are slightly different. Employee tags for use within company-owned property provide security for the business. Event IDs are still a security item but are more like a small advertisement for the business. Here are some considerations for their design and use.

Protecting a Business

Identification needs include the employee name and photograph and their department or employee title. This is minimum basic information that all tags require. Dual sided cards with a barcode, scanning strip or smart chips make it possible to restrict access to specific areas. It is also useful for tracking employee movement and keeping a record of time for payroll purposes. It is important to decide if this information is displayed vertically or horizontally based on how it is worn and to allow for easy scanning.

Highlighting a Brand

Most importantly in this instance is the addition of bold logos and corporate colors to highlight the brand and coordinate with the booth. Since the best and brightest of each corporation should attend trade fairs it is a good idea for them to be easy to identify as part of the company even when they are away from the booth. Instead of scannable bar codes on the reverse consider adding a QR code that contains the company URL. Add this same code to all signs and on any business cards or brochures as well.

Securing the Tags

Pinning an ID to a shirt is only acceptable when it is nothing more than a generic nametag. With dual sided IDs a lanyard is the effective option. The tag can either attach directly to the lanyard or be slid into a plastic sleeve for protection. Make certain any QR codes or barcodes are scannable through the sleeve. Lanyards are also an inexpensive promotional item so consider printing extras for giveaways at the event.

Spend the time to create the perfect ID badges that meet all corporate and event needs. The small details like this are what make companies look more professional and have more control over security. There are an endless number of ways to create a custom tag so always stop to consider everything the tag needs before printing any cards.

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