Odd Web Development Trends of 2017 That Seem to Refocus the Excess of the Last Few Years

The web design community is in a near-constant spin to find new trends, break new ideas, and move past archaic design due to new innovations in technology. With every year comes another opportunity to dissect and explore what the coming year is going to bring. How is 2017 going to shape up? What design trends are quickly becoming the norm, and what trends in design are at the cusp of innovation right now?

Reach the Headlines

Visit a homepage in 2016, and prior, and see a rather basic headline at the top of the page centered for viewer’s convenience. It isn’t exactly unique or different, but it is safe and presentable. For better or worse, the “sans-serif” headline is being omitted for something more fanciful and attractive. This is arguably a turn against straight minimalism. Designers are turning away from the basic headline in favor of something more visually rich and dense. Background cut-ins, images over the text, and no headline at all seem to be viable choices.


The goal of minimalism was presenting content in a stark and a visually contrasting way. Minimalism also sought to deter noise and keep the main attributes up front and center. Gradients seem to fight against the general ethos of minimalism. But, designers are deploying it anyway. The gradients that are being used now are very subtle. Popular gradients may move from pink to red. The color change is minimal, which turns right back to the aesthetic of minimalism that has dominated design for so long.

The Rise of Animators

The rise of animators requires a much larger discussion, but the basic fact rings true. Animators are becoming more needed in web design. The technology, particularly through CSS, is improving and becoming more sophisticated. The presentation platforms are better, and this has allowed some smart animators to do more.

Web Development and design are starting to settle a bit after the major trend of “too much” and the counter trend of “too little.” Some major themes are becoming apparent, and smaller trends are steering the boat. New uses (animation, gradients) remain complex and intriguing.

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