The Dangers of an Untrained Dog in Kansas City

A dog that is not obedience trained in Kansas City presents several dangers to itself, the owner, other animals and people, and property. Chewing behavior, for example, can be destructive, but can also exposure the dog to substances that could be harmful. Bolting into the busy street will get the animal hit by a car. The situation is horrible for everyone involved. The animal is injured or may be killed, the driver may also be injured, the car has damage, and the owner is responsible for all of it.

The stress, time, and costs of dealing with that type of situation are overwhelming. There are veterinarian bills, insurance claims to cover medical bills and repairs, and a possible lawsuit for personal injury. Obedience training will cost nowhere near what one accident or incident can total. Destructive dogs have also resulted in evictions, lawsuits over dog bites, issues with other animals, and many other problems. Dogs who have a tendency to bark excessively, for example, have suffered injury or harm at the hands of neighbors, owners, or local business owners. Having a dog in any city needs to include obedience training for the safety of the dog, owner, and community. Training also results in happier pets and owners.

Training options vary to suit the behaviors of the dog, the schedules of the owners, and the needs of both. In-home training is an option that accommodates nervous dogs, busy owners, and any unique issues or medical conditions that have to be addressed. Pricing is affordable, and the purpose is to teach owners skills required to train the dog. The duration is typically two sessions of two hours in duration. Sessions are completed at an interval of three weeks. Additional sessions can be scheduled if needed.

Board and train programs are ideal for owners who travel, those with no time to transport dogs to and from classes, and those who prefer to leave training entirely up to professionals. At the completion of the program, owners are taught the basic commands the dog has learned to maintain training success. Life time follow up sessions, house calls, and ongoing support are included in the pricing of all available programs.

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